Photo by Karen Black.

Photo by Karen Black.

People will stare… make it worth their while.
— Harry Winston

I always look for  beauty. Beauty can be simple, dramatic, painful, or joyous. It surrounds us, it defines us. It is in us all.

I love people. Joy for me comes from making you feel special. Once you relax in front of the camera, you connect & your true self emerges- that is beauty.

My love of the arts has been with me from childhood- don’t ask me to recite dates and numbers- but I can wax poetic on the works of Irving Penn, Picasso and David Hockney. Yes… I am nothing if not eclectic. I think the box was created to think outside. My photographic style reflects my personality- eclectic, nuanced, bold with caution, warm & inviting.

The lens is my canvas. With a strong foundation in fashion, art & photographic history I have years of training upon which to draw.  It’s an exciting journey.

I look forward to meeting you…